How Newspaper Advertising Works

You should consider newspaper advertising in both the print and Online Digital editions. Call 888-449-2526 for rates, costs, prices and information. Loyal news seekers are there and easy to target by interests and other key demographics methodology. Should you advertise in newspapers and magazines? Of course you should. Nobody does “Local” Geo Targeting like a newspaper and their online editions. Some people think Newspapers and print have gone extinct – gone the way of the old Clipper Ships that were once the highlight and marvel of modern engineering but are now too old school to get traction for advertisers. Shoved aside by news websites and colorful electronic options like Mobile phones, Tablets and PC’s. Sadly, many businesses and offers that would excel in print, are not being placed there because of new media misnomer’s that print is dead, Print is NOT dead – But many say it is finished?

That is not entirely true! Yes Newspapers and Magazines have taken a hit, there is no denying that. All traditional media is seeking solid footing in the new media universe. But the fact remains that the Baby Boomers have a lot of life left in them and they still love the feel and smell of newspaper and magazine print and the feel of good old fashioned paper. Regardless – Most newspapers have adapted with innovative online publications and continue to offer news, sports, weather, events and community news items that cannot be replicated in any other new media environment. This is a target rich advertising and marketing opportunity for savvy business people who want that connection to community while presenting their offer to an eager buying public. Let us show you how to take full advantage of the amazing pricing made possible by the new media influences on print advertising publishers. Call today for a free quote 888-449-2526. Ask about last minute, stand by, remnant and unsold inventory advertising deals – National, Local, USA and Canada.

National Newspapers reach an amazingly fertile audience – especially seniors and investors.  The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many others allow national and regional targeting for your display advertising campaigns – and we often buy “stand by” or “Remnant” space at much reduced rates. Call today to see if you qualify for that program. 888-449-02526


Our creative team is trained and ready to begin designing and placing your display ads for Print and Online editions. Preroll video and banner design as well, Ask for examples of our award winning print ads which are made in-house by our experienced and creative team of graphic artists and audio/video production staff.

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